Sundance Heritage Dining Table: A Piece of American History

by - Thursday, August 22, 2019

Our reclaimed wood table comes with its own history lesson.

Available exclusively at Sundance but in a very limited supply, this remarkable table is made from posts and beams salvaged from a 110-year-old warehouse in Racine, Wisconsin. Because none of the vintage posts and beams are identical, each table is truly one of a kind. You’ll find that each imparts a sturdiness and special character all its own.

The story of the reclaimed wood reflects a vital part of America’s industrial history. The now-demolished warehouse was home for many years to the J.I. Case Company, maker of steam engines and thresher machines. Decades later, it became the manufacturing home of Western Publishing, whose products include the popular Little Golden Books line of children’s books. Anyone remember “The Poky Little Puppy?”

Though the connection to a bygone era of Midwest manufacturing is real, it’s the story of the wood itself that is most fascinating. The lumber was painstakingly salvaged from the old Racine warehouse because it is old-growth longleaf pine, originally cut from 400- to 600-year-old trees that once grew in vast forests throughout the South. Also known as heart pine timber, this type of old-growth wood is virtually impossible to find today. Nearly all of the tree’s estimated 92 million acre range was harvested in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to meet America’s fast-rising demand for lumber. That demand, combined with the fact that longleaf pine is a slow-growing tree, has made this wood a rare and valuable commodity today.

Just in time for our 30th anniversary of our catalog, the reclaimed Sundance Heritage Dining Table is sure to be a conversation starter and make a beautiful addition to your home. Maybe for the next 100 years.

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