The Not So Ordinary: Woolloomooloo Shoes

by - Monday, January 27, 2020

Merino wool from Australia is not like ordinary wool. And Woolloomooloo does not make ordinary shoes. That’s why we’re so excited to offer this innovative brand for the first time in our Winter Catalog.

The Australian History

Woolloomooloo uses only sustainably sourced merino wool from their home country of Australia. A brief history: Merino sheep were introduced to Australia from Spain, soon after colonization in 1797.

While the harsh Aussie landscape proved too unforgiving for much of the introduced flora and fauna from Europe, the merino sheep thrived and since have become an iconic part of the country’s landscape.

Merino wool is an all-natural fiber with an unsurpassed reputation for quality. It contains lanolin, a natural wax that makes the wool feels soft, not scratchy, which is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s insulating, breathable and controls moisture, a combination that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Merino wool from Australia is considered the world’s finest and is regularly used in elegant Italian suits and clothing.

Soft, Seamless Comfort

After years of development, Woolloomooloo learned to combine merino wool with 3D knitting technology. The wool is expertly spun and knitted into seamless, flexible and oh-so-comfortable shoes. They’re also lightweight, naturally odor-resistant and designed to last for years. Each upper is paired with an ergonomic footbed for support in all the right places.

Lastly, we love that merino wool is completely organic and chemical-free, so it’s not just your feet that will feel good about your purchase.

For winter travels or summers at home, we are excited to support Woolloomooloo with our featured Baaarbara Shoe. These Woolloomooloo shoes offer a stylish and sustainable way for your feet to be comfortable.

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