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Expert Tips...How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

September 26, 2014

Richardson Reeves Bed with the Old Town Roses Bedding and Transcontinental Quilt

This video is the first in our series of helpful tips and how-tos. We hope to share our expertise with you and offer some guidance for incorporating the Sundance style into your life.

American Heritage Jewelry…A Treasure Trove of Beauty

September 24, 2014

25th Anniversary Heritage Jewelry Collection

One of our passions at Sundance is sharing with you the riches of cultural traditions, particularly those related to the American West. We are thrilled to offer an extraordinary selection of Native American heritage jewelry in our 25th Anniversary Collection — nearly three dozen cuffs, necklaces and money clips, each exquisite and unique.

The Dogs of Sundance...September 2014

September 19, 2014

Jake, One of the Dogs of Sundance

For Sundance, dogs are an integral part of our organization. Our offices are dog friendly, and we love to see them sniffing around the halls or curled up under a desk. We regularly feature the dogs of Sundance in catalogs, so if you remember seeing them grace the pages in the past, you now know those are Sundance family dogs.

Watch the Making of the Moab Grange Table...Reclaimed Beauty

September 16, 2014

The Moab Grange Table

Watch the video of this beautiful table’s great beginnings to see the artisans transform reclaimed barn wood into the exquisite Moab Grange table.

Fall Authentic Boot Collection...A Thing of Beauty

September 10, 2014

Old Gringo Boots

Nothing captures the mood of fall like a pair of beautiful leather boots. At Sundance, we consider them a staple of our style. Just pulling them on brings to mind autumn’s quintessential sensations: the spicy aroma of apple cider; the crunch of dry leaves underfoot; the sway of a hayride under a glowing harvest moon. 

Bosnian Artisans...A 12 Year Journey

In our 25 years, we’ve had the great privilege to work with many wonderful artists and craftspeople. These Bosnian artisan women are one such group.

On the Road, Again

Our Creative Director waxes poetically about the 25th Anniversary Fall Catalog shoot

“You are SOOOOO lucky - you get to travel to the most unbelievable places...” As the Creative Director at Sundance, I hear this a lot. Well. I can’t really argue with the sentiment. Sure, going on location for photo shoots is hard work, but I get to travel to Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Mexico... and most recently, Sundance’s backyard - Utah - it could be worse.

Catalog Covers...A Look Back

As we celebrate 25 wonderful years, we enjoy reflecting on some of our favorite covers and in particular, our very first cover mailed in Fall 1989. This magnificent shot was taken overlooking Sundance located at the base of the majestic Mt. Timpanogos in the Wasatch mountain range, UT. With this cover and many more to follow, each reflect the pledge to freedom, creativity and artistry.

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