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A Little Guitar Magic on Your Wall

November 29, 2017

Sundance artisan Margaret Taylor, the visionary behind these cool wooden guitars, is a designer and artist who grew up surrounded by music.

Shine On: A Guide to Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

November 16, 2017

You may not realize it, but many of your everyday activities can damage your gold jewelry. Buildup from soaps and lotions, acid from citrus fruits and other foods, salt and oils from your sweat, and chemicals in everything from pools to cleaning products can all negatively affect gold’s finish and natural beauty. The best way to prevent this is to remove gold jewelry prior to engaging in activities where it may come in contact with damaging substances. If you have difficulty remembering to take your jewelry off, placing pretty jewelry dishes near sinks and exercise equipment will serve as a helpful visual reminder.

A Sundance Holiday: Behind the Scenes

November 14, 2017

Gift Wrapping 101: In Sundance Style

Gift giving is certainly an art. From finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, to deciding how to package them, a lot of thought can go into it. Our gift wrap and ribbons shop takes the thinking out of the equation and makes the packaging of gifts the easy part.

Meet Banjo, the Avalanche Rescue Dog

November 9, 2017

Winter storms and the ski season will be here soon, so say hello now to one of your furry heroes-in-waiting, Banjo.

Bring a Touch of Romance to Special Occasions

October 31, 2017

Another festive season of holiday gatherings is fast approaching. We love these special times of joy and celebration, which is why the Sundance Design Team has been hard at work to bring you unique items of beauty and elegance.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Stephanie Housley

October 26, 2017

Sundance Artisan Stephanie Housley founded her company in 2007 with the idea of translating her hand-drawn illustrations into tactile embroidered textiles. With a unique creative process and production method, Stephanie found a way to scale the feel of handmade, one-of-a-kind embroidery to a wide variety of heirloom-quality home products and fabrics.

Huichol Jewelry Innovations

October 20, 2017

The innovative line of Huichol beaded jewelry created for Sundance originates from the beaded jewelry tradition practiced by indigenous Huichol families for a number of generations. Bead work and Huichol folk art contribute greatly to the well being and unity of Huichol families, as it is a way for them to work together to create objects of beauty, objects of their spirituality, and objects that create livelihood and abundance.

Take a Peek at Our Holiday Collection

October 19, 2017

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year. At our home office, we've been planning and prepping since March for the Holiday season. With our first Holiday Catalog in the mail, we're excited to give you a sneak peek at the look and feel of our favorite season.

From winter warmers, to party wear, to beautifully printed wrapping paper and tree-trimmings, we're delighted to offer you a peek into our newest inspiring Holiday Collection. Experience Sundance and welcome a new season filled with joy and wonder. Enjoy!

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Polly Wales

October 4, 2017

Originally trained in sculpture, Sundance Artisan Polly Wales takes a playful, colorful approach to precious gems and metals. She finds beauty in imperfection, creating pieces that "always have unique and slightly unpredictable outcomes with a rough luxe."

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Dana Kellin

Sundance Artisan Dana Kellin transforms enchanting gemstones and precious metals into sculptural forms that exemplify style. She cites Byzantine, Victorian and Elizabethan design influences, yet her creations are infused with undeniably modern undertones.Intricate twists of fine-gauge wire in gold or silver are a signature element of her jewelry, a painstakingly delicate technique that imparts refined femininity. On the inspiration for her latest pieces in our catalog, Dana tells in her own words:

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Dennis Hogan

September 29, 2017

As a child, Sundance Artisan, Dennis Hogan split his free time between artistic and athletic pursuits. In college, he split his studies between art and economics. He went on to pursue a business career, but decided his heart was in the arts, left his job and moved to New Mexico. There he apprenticed with a well-known jewelry maker, absorbing traditional southwestern techniques and motifs while developing the unique style seen in his designs today. Watch the video below for more on what inspires him and shop his collection here.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Ananda Khalsa

September 26, 2017

Sundance Artisan Ananda Khalsa's creations exemplify the convergence of jewelry and art. Hand paintings of natural themes are a hallmark of her collection. Set behind crystal and framed in precious metals, they charm with sensitivity and symbolism. When she turns to gems, she looks for vibrancy and luminosity, hand selecting stones with the eye of a painter composing a palette.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Sarah McGuire

Chicago-based Sundance Artisan Sarah McGuire's subtle jewelry rewards scrutiny without clamoring for attention. She draws inspiration from the natural forms she found during childhood summers spent combing New England beaches, the classic modernist design she studied at New York's Parsons School of Design and man made curiosities that strike her fancy. Her organic, sculptural pieces hand-forged in sterling silver and high-karat gold epitomize timeless style.

Celebrating the Monarch Butterflies of Yosemite

September 22, 2017

They delight all who see them. Without a doubt, monarch butterflies are the most iconic butterfly species of North America.

Collectible, Coveted and One of a Kind - The History & Craftsmanship Behind the Sundance Heritage Collection

September 19, 2017

Collector’s items, treasures to be loved and passed down from generation to generation, our Heritage Collection is made up of exquisitely handcrafted jewelry from American artisans, past and present. Curated to represent the best of its kind, each piece is rich in history, story and time-honored tradition.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Adel Chefridi

September 15, 2017

Born in Tunisia, along the Mediterranean coast where ancient history and modern life coexist, and now settled in Woodstock, NY,  Adel Chefradi's interest in the art of jewelry making began at an early age when he first walked into the back room of a jeweler who was wearing big glasses and wielded a torch in his hands. For him, it was magical to see how gold can be molded into different shapes and creations. Thus began a lifelong fascination with metal work and gemstones.

A Year of Birthstones

August 30, 2017

September Sapphires
Many people place great importance on the month of one’s birth, and throughout the ages, various traditions have evolved to encapsulate its meaning. One of these traditions is the birthstone. A birthstone is a gem associated with a month on the calendar, each with a unique symbolism and historical story. When worn by those born in that month, it is sometimes thought to enhance their life with its distinct properties.

Yosemite: Honoring an American Icon

August 24, 2017

Yosemite Valley
One of our defining passions at Sundance is the reverence we hold for natural landscapes. So when it came time to shoot this year’s Fall Collection, we jumped at the chance to go to one of the most awe-inspiring natural places on the planet: California’s Yosemite National Park.

Manufacture de Digoin - Stoneware & Pottery / 1875

August 9, 2017

At Sundance, we're proud to carry beautiful pottery pieces from talented artisans. Our Corrine Stoneware collection is crafted of raw materials from France with an intriguing combination of glazed and unglazed clay creating a rustically refined look and an alluring French country feel.

Silver Jewelry SOS: Cleaning, Prevention, and Care

August 8, 2017

The versatility of sterling silver jewelry makes it easy to wear your favorite pieces frequently. While the ability to pair them with numerous ensembles is part of their appeal, frequent wear may contribute to dirt or dullness, so you will need to give your silver accessories a bit of attention to maintain their original luster. Whether your sterling silver jewelry is hammered, etched, or paired with gemstones, you can easily keep the beautiful finish its creator intended . Learn how to clean your silver jewelry below.

On the Road: Northern California

July 17, 2017

Every year our Sundance photography crews travel to over a dozen locations. The goal is always to be inspired by the natural beauty and local cultures of these places, which are most likely off of the beaten path. Ultimately some work better than others, many have clear obstacles (altitude comes to mind first, followed by unexpected weather conditions, insects, injuries, noisy hotels, etc etc etc).

Sundance Artisan Dana Kellin's Inspiration Behind her Sphere of Influence Necklace and Earrings

June 13, 2017

Spheres Of Influence Earrings Sphere Of Influence Necklace Image Map

Sundance Artisan Dana Kellin transforms enchanting gemstones and precious metals into sculptural forms that exemplify style. She cites Byzantine, Victorian and Elizabethan design influences, yet her creations are infused with undeniably modern undertones.

Sundance Artisan Anne Sportun's Inspiration Behind the Aquamarine Halo Ring

June 5, 2017

Long-standing Sundance Artisan, Anne Sportun, has a sense of creativity that is driven by her belief in a universal language of shapes and symbols. Finding pure beauty in nature's organic forms, Anne balances the precise with the irregular.

The Inspiration Behind Sundance Artisan Jes MaHarry's Starry Moon Necklace

April 25, 2017

The cover of our new Spring Jewelry Book features a brand new piece from Sundance Artisan Jes MaHarry - the Starry Moon Necklace. Jes illuminates her sterling silver moon with two diamond-set 14kt gold stars and hangs another within its arc.

Robert Redford NEA Statement

March 24, 2017

In 1981, the National Endowment for the Arts played a fundamental role in helping me create Sundance Institute. The NEA generously contributed a $25,000 grant to assist us in launching the very first labs for independent filmmakers to develop new work (programs that continue to this day).

Introducing our Newest Collection: Special Occasions

March 21, 2017

Enjoy every moment and let's get dressed up! 

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Buffalo

March 2, 2017

Multi-faceted in his artistic endeavors—musician, illustrator, hair designer—Santa Fe silversmith and Sundance Artisan Buffalo has felt a strong attachment to Native American silverwork for 40 years. He learned the old, traditional techniques of early Navajo smiths and prefers to work in ingot silver, hand forging and finishing his pieces with stamps he's made himself. When asked about his "labor of love," he replies "Visions never stop pouring out of my mind. I am thankful when my artistry is appreciated and can be passed to others."

Vintage Hand-Made Peruvian Throws

February 23, 2017

Our recent photo shoot took us to the area near Cusco, where we fell in love with the stunning architecture, the gorgeous landscapes, the vibrant culture, and most of all, the warmth and spirit of the Peruvian people and their colorful heritage.

The Sacred Valley in Peru

February 17, 2017

PERU. Talk about epic. Such a breathtaking country, with amazing people, culture, architecture and views unlike any other.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Ruth Tomlinson

February 14, 2017

British jewelry designer Ruth Tomlinson creates ethereal treasures imbued with an otherworldly sense of a bygone era. Driven by her passion for the earth’s treasures, tiny intricacies and small imperfections, she seeks out the unconventional beauty within which fuels her creativity, whether in the rarity of material or a curiosity in nature. She believes that each piece of jewelry should be unique, like each of us, and this is how she likes her jewelry to make people feel. Every jewel is crafted in her central London workshop, resulting in modern classics that evoke a sense of wonder, ready to be filled with their own stories throughout our lifetime and for generations to come.

Sundance Valentine's Day Gift Guide

February 7, 2017

At Sundance, we believe in the value of artistry, handcrafted moments, and unique treasures. Naturally, Valentine's Day puts us in the mood for love. What's better than a whole day dedicated to indulging in loving yourself and those around you? We couldn't resist curating some of our Valentine's Day gift ideas for you and yours. Whether treating yourself, some of your friends, or the lucky person on the other side of the table, there's something for everyone that will certainly create a moment.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Adonnah Langer

January 27, 2017

Adonnah Langer is a long-standing Sundance jewelry artist whose creations are grounded in the Southwest sensibility that she developed while studying under Native American teachers. Through this, she has developed her own modern style of bead weaving, which is a slow and precise process.

Bears Ears National Monument in Southern Utah

January 11, 2017

Part of Bears Ears National Monument. Photo credit: Tim Peterson
On December 28th, President Obama created new national monuments in a sacred tribal site in our very own state of Utah and a swath of Nevada Desert. Known as Bears Ears, the White House announced the designation of 1.35 million beautiful acres of land in Utah as a national monument.